A visit to Girls Inc. – Lowell Sun
All the strong, smart and bold girls

The Z-List had a nice visit to Girls Inc. of Greater Lowell on March 18.

Girls Inc. strives every day to instill and inspire in young girls, to be strong, smart and bold. All the happy little girls that day were very personable and smiled as they painted, played cards and chit-chatted with each other.

Until Gov. Baker announced the first closing of non-emergency child-care facilities, Girls Inc. remained open to help 20 to 30 families continue working while providing full-day, structured enrichment and educational activities for their children.

As of now, Girls Inc. remains closed, but staff is in touch with many other girls through social media, and parents following Girls Inc. on Facebook share posts with their younger girls while some of the tweens and teens follow staff postings on TikTok.

Some of the exciting programs Girls Inc. offers include Center Afterschool Program, Center Early Education Program, Outreach Program, and Teen Center. For more information, visit https://girlsinclowell.org/

Girls enjoy morning activities.