Rivier’s promise: a full-time job in 9 months – Lowell Sun

NASHUA, N.H. — Graduates of Rivier University’s Class of 2020 are the first students to complete the school’s innovative Employment Promise Program, which promises that invested students will secure full-time jobs in their field of study within nine months of graduation or receive additional financial or educational support from the university.
Having completed the Employment Promise Program, graduates are well-positioned for job-search success and enjoy a distinct advantage in a competitive environment.

Rivier is the only New Hampshire institution that offers this program.

“We are so confident in the educational experience Rivier provides students that we enthusiastically stand behind it with a bold promise,” said Rivier President Sister Paula Marie Buley. “Our Employment Promise Program provides students with the professional skills and experiences necessary to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive job market.”

The Employment Promise Program is a four-year academic and professional development program that students begin on their first day of school. Each student receives a customized career plan that includes academic advising; leadership, community service, and internship experiences; and career counseling and professional-development opportunities.

Students work one-on-one with an academic and career adviser who guides and encourages them through the program and tracks their progress toward established annual goals. In addition, Rivier’s Employer Partner Network of more than 80 companies and nonprofit organizations gives students a connection with select employers for both internships and open positions through a specialized Rivier Connect job board.

Hope Cataldo, a 2020 graduate with a major in Elementary Education, quickly secured a teaching position after graduation in May.

“I felt confident while interviewing because I had practiced through an online interview platform so many times,” Cataldo said. “I knew my skills and was able to articulate them professionally with each hiring committee. These skills were gained and strengthened through the program, which prepared me to be the best candidate I could be.”

Cataldo will teach fourth grade at Bradford (Vt.) Elementary School in this fall. She is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Patricia Antonelli, executive director of University Career Services, oversees Rivier’s Career Development Center and the Employment Promise Program.

“We stand behind a Rivier education with this promise,” Antonelli said. “The Employment Promise Program provides students with a pathway and the confidence they need to launch their career. The combined focus on academics, experiential learning, internships and professional development makes the program unique.”

Rivier’s professional-development programs span a wide range of subjects — from preparing a professional resume and participating in mock interviews to seminars on business etiquette in the digital environment.

The Career Development Center hosts a series of targeted job fairs on campus, enabling students to connect with recruiters from local and national employers across a wide range of industries.

“While student success is often measured by graduation rates alone, Rivier fundamentally believes success includes the ability to secure professional employment,” Buley said. “The first graduates of our Employment Promise Program are conducting their job searches in a challenging economic environment, but they are equipped with the skill sets and strategies to achieve their employment goals. We look forward to celebrating their successes in the months and years to come.”

For more information, visit www.rivier.edu/promise, or call 603-897-8507.